The College of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Accountancy (CBEA) organized a Student Development and Integrating Seminar at the Kalinangan Auditorium on May 3 with the theme: “CBEANS: Reaching the Heights, Setting the Limits, Beating the Standards.”

Approximately 800 participants attended the program which started at 8 AM and ended at 4 PM.

The seminar commenced with a welcome remarks from Prof. Maria Corazon Segismundo, Dean of CBEA. It was followed by a Vocation Talk by Sr. Joan Infante, OSA, VP for Religious and Spiritual Formation; Mr. Jose Neal Tabingo, IEP Director; and Fr. Andre Katsyoto, University Chaplain.

The first lecture was by life coach and author Ms. Viviene Bigornia whose topic, “How to Get a Job,” provided tips for students on landing their dream careers. She was followed by main resource speaker, Mr. Lloyd Luna, a motivational speaker, comedian, TV and radio talk-show host, author, publisher, and entrepreneur. His topic, “Personal Branding,” focused on the importance of creating a personal image that would show people what you represent.

Mr. Dennis Calamba, a professional public speaker and learning consultant, discussed the topic of “Handling Difficult People.” Afterwards, Mr. Luna returned on stage for the final lecture on “Becoming the Best at Work.”

An open forum succeeded each talk where the speakers answered the students’ queries. Prof. Amando Isip, Program Head of Accountancy, rendered the closing remarks.

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