Data privacy is the right of an individual to keep personal information private. Recent advancements in technology, however, has made it increasingly easier for people to obtain sensitive information which could be used to inflict harm on others.

With the aim of educating the LCUP faculty and personnel on the importance of data privacy, the Human Resource and Development Office (HRDO), headed by Ms. Ruth Malabiga, conducted a “Seminar on Data Privacy in the Educational Sector and Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers” at the Rambutan Hall of the BarCIE International Center on May 31.

The University invited Atty. Faustino Madriaga, Jr., Legal Counsel of the Madriaga Law Office, as the event’s resource speaker.

In his lecture, Atty. Madriaga shared his expertise on data privacy and information security to the audience by explaining the proper processing and disposal of sensitive personal information. He then discussed the importance of the responsible use of social media and gave examples of legal cases where the violation of the Data Privacy Act was committed.He likewise talked about the responsibility of faculty members in ensuring the confidentiality of their students’ information.

An open forum was held afterwards wherein Atty. Madriaga entertained a few questions.

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