If you’re a student or employee of LCUP then you’ve surely heard the name of Venerable Mother Consuelo. Consolanians constantly pray for her beatification during mass celebrations. Religion instructors teach about her life, and people pass by her and Mother Rita’s statue beside the chapel on a regular basis. She is regarded as a household name among ASOLC schools and her godly life and ministry has set an example for others to emulate.

Mo. Consuelo was born in Sarria, Barcelona on July 24, 1857 as Joaquina Mercedes Barcelo y Pages and was the youngest of the five children of Salvador Barcelo y Roces and Maria Pages y Campanya.

Mo. Consuelo felt the calling to live a monastery life like her eldest sister, Mo. Rita. She entered the Beaterio de Mantelatas de San Agustin in Barcelona as a postulant in 1883. On September of the same year, she joined a second group of Spanish sisters on their journey to the Asilo de Mandaloya (Mandaluyong Orphanage) in the Philippines. Mo. Rita was part of the first group.

During their stay, she and her companions cared for the Filipino children who were left orphaned by the cholera epidemic in 1882.

She then became a novitiate on November 21, 1883 and on December 26 of the following year, she made her profession of vows and was given the name Sor Consuelo. (to be continued)

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